The open source combustion instability low order simulator



Photo of Renaud Gaudron

Dr Renaud Gaudron


Alexander MacLaren (developer of OSCILOS_brass)


Henry Jones (developer of OSCILOS_opt)

Previous contributors

Many former postdocs, PhD students and MEng/MSc/ERASMUS project students have contributed to OSCILOS development. These include:

Photo of Jingxuan Li
Prof Jingxuan Li

Now Faculty at Beihang University, China


Photo of Steven Xiao
Dr Steven (Yu) Xia

Now working at Ansys, UK

Photo of davide Laera
Dr Davide Laera

Now working at CERFACS, France

Photo of Xingsi Han
Prof Xingsi Han

Now Faculty at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Photo of Charles Luzzato
Dr Charles Luzzato

Now working at Dassault Systèmes, Germany

- Bertie Boakes, former MEng project student

- Maximilian Haas-Heger, former MEng project student

- Maylis Lauda, former ERASMUS project student

- Ravi Khiroya, former MEng project student

- Dimitrios Papdogiannis, former MSc project student

- Jordi Dilme, former ERASMUS project student